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Sunday, October 02, 2005 

Sunday's sermon - we won't be back

The subject of todays sermon was the changes in our communion policy. Pastor explained that this new policy is more "welcoming" to non-baptized persons who want to take communion (though we currently don't have any non-baptized persons in the church who will now be taking communion.) He explained that this was not a unanimous vote in council, that there were detractors. He went on to explain our concerns, but certainly not in the way that we would have explained them. As he pointed out our concerns, he explained why we were wrong! I feel betrayed. He has minimized our concerns and therefore minimized those of us who disagreed with him.

My wife sobbed quietly throughout most of the sermon. This is our last worship at this church. I will have to resign as president. I can't stay now to finish my term; that would be hypocritical.

I don't want to portray this pastor as a bad person. He is someone I care about and have worked closely with. We agree on many more things than we disagree, but this current disagreement is fundamental. I don't feel that I can talk to him right now. Today's sermon has alienated me. U

Re: your annoyance with your priest over Communion...

Someone very wise has recently said to me:

'Temper your passion with compassion'

...it's a handy thing to remember when we are blowing steam.

Journey well...


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