Sunday, November 27, 2005 

Our third meeting with Father (First Sunday of Advent)

Sunday night at our house for a soup supper and more conversation. We were instructed to be up to page 300 in the Catechism for tonight. Ken was out of town, but Lori, Brenda, and I were here with Father K. We had an interesting discussion as always. Father seems to be enjoying our discovery and progress. Hopefully, he is enjoying the suppers, too. He is a busy man, with hundreds of families in his parish. We can appreciate that he is taking so much time for just us.

We discussed some Marian issues and the Rosary. Father blessed the new Rosary I gave Lori, as well as one for Ken and Brenda's daughter that she will be given at Christmas. Lori's really getting into this. She went to adoration earlier this week and said a Rosary with her new beads. I'm glad she's making this conversion so well. She's a trooper. Not that it's been difficult, people have been very nice and welcoming. Our friends are supportive. Father K. has been great.

Up to this point, most of the Catechism has been familiar territory - not much different than the things we learned in the Lutheran church (the creeds are identical) but I think from here on out we are into more new information. I look forward to that. We were assigned only 100 more pages by our next meeting on December 17.

Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Continuing my study

I spent much of the day today reading from the catechism. It's easy reading, not much new information yet. I'm now up to page 270. Our assignment is to be to page 300 by our next meeting with Fr. K.

I am also reading other books. The list includes Catholicism for Dummies (don't laugh, this is an excellent resource written by two Catholic priests) The How-to Book of the Mass, and The Rosary.

The internet has been an extremely useful resource, although I am having a hard time finding other people in my situation who have written down their stories. I'm sure there are many others, and as I find them, I will list them in this blog. I don't want this blog to be just my journal, but also a resource. Who knows, maybe this will even help someone else on their journey.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

My wife's new Rosary

Tonight, Lori was sitting reading a book about the Rosary. The book discusses the history, tradition, and how to pray the Rosary, as well as other prayers that can be prayed using Rosary beads.

Well, while she was reading she had in her hand a cheap, plastic set of Rosary beads. I knew this was my opportunity. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a "Mother Teresa" Rosary. Lori is a great admirer of Mother Teresa, and I know this would be special for her. I didn't know when I would give it to Lori, but this was the perfect occasion. She liked it very much. We'll ask Fr. K to bless it this Sunday.

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