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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Continuing my study

I spent much of the day today reading from the catechism. It's easy reading, not much new information yet. I'm now up to page 270. Our assignment is to be to page 300 by our next meeting with Fr. K.

I am also reading other books. The list includes Catholicism for Dummies (don't laugh, this is an excellent resource written by two Catholic priests) The How-to Book of the Mass, and The Rosary.

The internet has been an extremely useful resource, although I am having a hard time finding other people in my situation who have written down their stories. I'm sure there are many others, and as I find them, I will list them in this blog. I don't want this blog to be just my journal, but also a resource. Who knows, maybe this will even help someone else on their journey.

Welcome to Catholicism. I am surprised that you consider the Catechism easy to read, but am glad that you do. Yup, Catholic resources abound on the web. Here some of my favorites:
searchable catechism with index also click on the logo at the bottom for more good stuff

catholic.com, catholic.org, and ewtn.com

As for other people who have blogged their experiences of coming into the Catholic Church, you might look up Euticus Fell (spelling is off I know), a link off the Lofted Nest blog, by one of the authors there who is a convert. Also, I am trying to blog my way through my own conversion at seekinggod.blogeasy.com

Oh, and welcome to the Journey Home!

Remember the Bereans? When they heard new teachings they referenced it with the Scriptures to verify if what they were hearing was scriptural. I'd recommend anyone studying religion to check with the Holy Scriptures for guideance.

God Bless,

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