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Sunday, October 23, 2005 

Our first meeting with Father

Sunday morning, we went to Catholic Mass. We've been going for a couple of weeks now, since we left the Lutheran church. People are friendly, are we have some long-time friends that we're sitting with. That makes the transition easier.

Sunday night was our first meeting with Father K., who is the senior pastor of the parish. I met with Father K. previously and privately to discuss our possible conversion. That meeting went extremely well. He was warm and friendly, and very understanding. He agreed that we could go through an independent study process rather than RCIA. RCIA is actually meant for the non-baptized or people who have not been active in a church. We are baptized and active, so that didn't really apply to us. Still we understood that Father K. was doing us a service, since sometimes people in our situation get placed in RCIA anyway.

We are going through this process with another couple, Ken and Brenda. Ken is my best friend. He is a cradle-Catholic and very active and knowledgeable. He will be sponsor to his wife and me. My wife's sponsors will be her brother and sister-in-law. The four of us and Father K. had a nice prime rib dinner at our house (yes, we are trying to make a good impression) and then sat for conversation. We discussed our conversion process. Father K answered our questions. We agreed on a plan that would consist of independent study at Father's direction, and several meetings with him that would take place over the next few months. I was hoping for a quick and easy process that would have us communing by Advent, but he wanted a more deliberate manner. I see the wisdom in his plan, but I am the type that wants everything done yesterday, so I was a little disappointed. Still, it looks like we are on track to be in full communion by Lent. U

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