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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

My wife's new Rosary

Tonight, Lori was sitting reading a book about the Rosary. The book discusses the history, tradition, and how to pray the Rosary, as well as other prayers that can be prayed using Rosary beads.

Well, while she was reading she had in her hand a cheap, plastic set of Rosary beads. I knew this was my opportunity. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a "Mother Teresa" Rosary. Lori is a great admirer of Mother Teresa, and I know this would be special for her. I didn't know when I would give it to Lori, but this was the perfect occasion. She liked it very much. We'll ask Fr. K to bless it this Sunday.

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You are a thoughtful husband. I too was an admirer of Mother Teresa before I ever considered Catholicism. Perhaps as a Saint, she has her eye on us and prays for us.

Here's a visual Rosary I put together that helped me learn the words of the prayers, while learning the mysteries. By just clicking NEXT, I never got "lost." It ended up being a great crash course before the trip that I was called to take.


Perhaps it will be of help to you and your wife.

In God's Light,
Peace Pilgrim

Kiz, You seem to have a good relationship with Jesus from what I'm following in your blog. My only advice to you would be that your relastionship to the Lord does not need to be supplemented with Marian or prayers to Saints. Jesus' asks us to come to Him with all our burdens and cares. The Bible does not instruct us to pray to the dead. And, why would anyone want to pray to the dead. Only God is Omnipotent and can hear all of our prayers.

Don't let "Mary" take over your life and remember that God is a jealous God. All honor and Glory belong to Him alone.

Always keep your eyes on Christ!

God Bless,
From a former Catholic.

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