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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Becoming Catholic

Our Mass began today at 3 p.m. My wife and I were dressed in our best. We were pleased and even a little surprised to see that several friends made long drives to attend our confirmation. There were more people present than we expected. Our best friends are Ken and Brenda. Ken is a cradle Catholic, but Brenda was being confirmed with us. Their children were to receive their first communion and will be confirmed with their classes later. This Mass was being celebrated so that the six of us could be welcomed. Father did a very nice job with Mass. Since this was a special Mass for us, the homily was personalized. In front of our friends and family, we were confirmed. I was almost a little nervous to receive communion. I have longed for this. Am I worthy? I went to confession. I have studied and learned. Somehow, as I said the words, “Lord I am not worthy to receive you…” I felt that I was indeed not worthy.

Now it’s time. I walked up to Father after my wife. I bowed. I held out my hands, left on top, making a throne. Almost trembling a little. Father gave me a smile. He knows how important this is to me. Amen, I said. He placed the host in my hands – the actual presence of Christ! I placed it in my mouth, being careful not to chew. I turned to the deacon next to receive the cup. I forgot to cross myself! Too late now, the deacon is handing me the cup. I bowed and took the cup. Amen. I took a sip and handed the cup back. This time I remembered to cross myself. I turned and returned to my seat, and kneeled. Thank you, God. I have received you and you have received me. My first communion was imperfect on my part, but perfect on God’s part.

Afterwards, we had cake and punch in the fellowship hall. Friends and family congratulated us. We got a few cards and gifts. It was nice. Since this was a special Saturday Mass, it did not count for our obligation. We stayed for 5:30 Saturday evening Mass. Our families brought the gifts and Father introduced us as new Catholics. The congregation applauded and many people welcomed us at the end of Mass.

We belong now and we feel it.

first and foremost, congratulations and welcome home!!

secondly, do not berate yourself for forgetting to make the sign of the cross. the sign is to remember the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; when you receive Jesus in the Eucharist, you cannot get any closer than having Him inside of you at that moment -- my priest told us that it was almost redundant.

you may want to check that out or i may post something on my blog about it and the apologia will come out in full force........

again, congratulations. it's such a cool feeling, isn't it?

I saw your blog from a post on catholic-forum.com and stopped by to visit. Thanks for sharing your story. It has been enjoyable to read. To see the excitement through your new eyes makes this reverted catholic smile.

I fell away from the church when I fell prey to the secular world in college and the belief that truth is merely what you make of life, that morality is somehow relative...ahhh how foolish I was, and it is sad to see some Christian sects fall into the same trap. I pray for them all!

Welcome home

that's awesome.. were you an aethiest before?

Hey Kiz...what an awesome post! My dh & I just joined the church last summer. I haven't seen you at the boards much lately (Defenders) - hope all is well with you and your family.

Congrats! I am a fairly new convert may of 2004. Actually a revert. I love being Catholic.It has made all the difference!
God bless,

Welcome home!
I found your blog looking for javascripted Mass readings. Just like the previous poster I am also a "revert" and I'm coming up on a one year "spiritual birthday" in a few months. The trick is to stay hot and not become lukewarm for Christ. God Bless.

Just found you on the Catholic Blog directory. I am also a recent convert. I'm curious to know how your journey has progressed since your first communion.


Congratulations!! I came across your blog from a Google search, as I just met with our local priest to start my own conversion process. I've read some of your archives and they are inspirational to me. It is comforting to know that others have taken similar paths and that it is as rewarding as I think it is going to be!

I have started my own blog too at myjourneybecomingcatholic.blogspot.com. Please come and visit anytime!

congratulations! i was confirmed in 2005 and know the array of emotions one goes through at such a momentous occasion. welcome home!

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So you're no longer blogging?

Are you still a Catholic?

Very nice blog -

God bless you on your journey!

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