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Sunday, December 04, 2005 

A day to study (Second Sunday in Advent)

We went to Mass last night (Saturday), so I spent much of the day studying, mostly internet resources. There are many good websites to help the aspiring Catholic. I have tried to list several of them in the right hand column of this blog. I am considering putting together a website to list them all. This would be a good place for people to start if they are converting or considering it.

Also, I am giving some thought to my first confession. Part of me looks forward to it, part does not.

As always, I look forward to my men's prayer group tonight. There are five of us who meet every Sunday night. The group includes Ken, who is my sponsor. These guys are my closest friends. We adhere to the formula taught us on our Christian Encounter weekends. We discuss our prayer lives, our Christian study, our moments when we felt closest to Christ, and our apostolic successes, failures, and plan. We keep each other accountable in our faith walks. I was the lone protestant in the group, but now we are all Catholic. This group has closely bonded in the past five years. It is a support group as well as a prayer group. I am lucky to have this support as I make this conversion.

God bless you! I am on the journey having resigned a 20 year career as a Protestant minister to become Catholic. Peace and joy to you in the journey ::thrive!

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luminousmiseries.ca {faith journey}

You must have been to Cursillo? My husband and I attended Cursillo 5 years ago. Tomorrow will mark my one year anniversary of being received into the Catholic Church. The hunger for the Eucharist compelled me....I pray you continue to hunger for it as well. God bless you and your family as you journey.

I have a website that may be of interest to some of you. Over the last several years, I have done an extensive study into the genealogies of the Bible. In my research, I have included: detailed biographies of every Bible character, Bible cross reference, Hebrew meanings of their names, dates, maps, tribes and a comparison with their contemporaries in Ancient secular history. Many of you can add this to your library of Christian Study Tool. You can find out more at http://www.BibleFamilyTree.com.

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