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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

Sacrament of Reconciliation - my first confession

Well, I did it. Perhaps the most intimidating part of my new Catholic faith was searching my heart and confessing my most troubling sins. I wanted to do this before Christmas, and the upcoming weeks are increasingly busy, so I thought to do it now. I was both anxious with the anticipation of being absolved and scared to tell things I don't want to discuss. I am not one to readily admit serious fault, or so I've been told.

I went to church with the intention of confession, a full hour and a half before Saturday evening Mass. I didn't know which priest would be hearing confessions, but secretly hoped it would be Fr. K - not because the other priests would be fine - but Fr. K is guiding our formation and knows where I'm coming from. He knows this is my first confession. I found Fr. K at church. He wasn't hearing confessions tonight, but would be glad to take care of me anyway.

We went to his confessional room off the adoration chapel. The room was comfortable, and larger than expected - a long way from the small dusky confessionals I'd seen portrayed in the movies, but I'd learned that confession was now a different experience. The room did have a kneeler separated from Father by a curtain, so people could still go to confession in relative anonymity if they chose, but if you come around the curtain, there are two chairs. Father and I each took a chair and began to talk. We spent the first fifteen minutes just talking. I'm sure he knew I was a little nervous and he was helping me relax.

I began my confession as I had learned, "Bless me Father, for I have sinned; this is my first confession." I had brought a cheat-sheet I printed from an internet website about how to confess. The cheat-sheet helped me remember categories of sin, and I filled-in the blanks. Father seemed more interested in the sins that weighed heaviest on my conscience, rather than a list. He couldn't have been more understanding and comforting. I talked. He listened and counseled. This was easier than I expected. Once I got started, I wasn't uncomfortable any more. In a way, it seemed like a spiritual counseling session. Why were people not lined up out the door for this? This is awesome! When I got to the end, I read of the prayer of contrition, and Father absolved me. He gave me a reasonable and even educational penance. The weight of all my past sins were gone.

My wife's gonna love this when it's her turn to confess. She'll have a man who will actually sit and listen to her.

Father seemed more interested in the sins that weighed heaviest on my conscience, rather than a list. He couldn't have been more understanding and comforting. I talked. He listened and counseled. This was easier than I expected. Once I got started, I wasn't uncomfortable any more. In a way, it seemed like a spiritual counseling session. Why were people not lined up out the door for this? This is awesome!

this is absolutely perfect and, with your permission, i'd like to print it out for my RCIA class to read during the presentation about reconciliation.

you are a treasure.

Thank you for your kind words. Please feel free to use this in your class, my purpose with this blog is to educate and inspire.

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How do you even come up with a list as an adult? I mean does one just confess the sins that most trouble ones soul, or create a "hit list" of the big ones? I am seriously intimidated by the process. I am in RCIA now and hope to be able to take the sacraments this coming Easter (if my annulment comes through in time).

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